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"I would strongly recommend Cascade West. They were very professional, attentive, honest and communicative. Very importantly, they were on time. Our house looks amazing.”

Connie & Jeff Brown

“Something else that stood out to us was the attention to detail in their homes whether you choose to upgrade your finishes or not. The craftsmanship is excellent and several outside and unbiased parties have confirmed this. They were also on time throughout and very easy to communicate with.”

Laura & Ryan E.

Some of the differences between Cascade West and other builders is their personal approach. And I loved the family aspect.

Wendi Decker

Cascade West allowed us to make our home the exact way we wanted it. Other builders were too restrictive.

Mark & Debbie Haworth

The difference between Cascade West and other builders is quality & honesty. Jason & Ron were very helpful, even when we were just looking.

Dane Norgards

I had a lot of experience with other builders. Cascade West had more items listed as standard features. The location and quality of the homes is superior, but I chose to build because of the standard features.

Tom & Debbie Smith

I chose to work with Cascade West because Ron helped us find a piece of property that fit OUR needs. The difference between Cascade West and other builders is the ethics they have. Aside from that what stood out was the quality for the money. If I could go back in time I would tell myself; Stick with them, you will be happy.

Eric Elliott

3.5 years ago we were looking to buy a house, we came out to look at a home Cascade West had built and meet Darla, however it sold before we could buy it. So we decided to look at the new homes and met Jason, we are so happy. We chose to have Cascade West build our house because we liked the people. We also thought the quality was exceptional. We were able to pick our own plans. They worked with us to make changes to plans. Other builders don’t like to make changes to plans. This is a great company who really care about the people they are building for.

Mark & Cindy Richert

Five years ago we built a 3883 ft.² custom home using Cascade West development. Our experience was amazing! We would strongly consider using them again when we build our next home.

Tracy G.

We chose to have Cascade West build our house because of Ron Wagner! A one hour appointment with him blew away the other 4 builders we had interviewed with. Very passionate, very helpful and enthusiastic. The Cascade West difference is they’re more efficient and trustworthy with a good reputation. What really stood out about Cascade West was they treated my wife and I like friends not clients. Very good communication throughout.

Adam Phillipe

What stood out was Ron’s approach - he is ethical, honest and trustworthy. If I could go back in time I would tell myself; you should have made the decision to build MUCH sooner!

Daryl & Vicki Ness

The difference between Cascade West and other builders is: what’s included.

Wade & Melissa Files

I’ve had a lot of experience with other homebuilders and the difference with Cascade West is the flexibility in plans.

Erik Mendenhall

Loved working with these folks. One tip: boost your discretionary budgets a LOT if you're picky about appliances and such, and want some quite nice things.

Tim Woodruff

First and foremost, thank you Cascade West for building my family a beautiful custom home.  From the beginning to the end each person we worked with cared. With exceptional personal customer service they listened and repeatedly tried to go above and beyond.  At Cascade West you are able to collaborate with their sales people, Ron & Jason by designing your own custom floor plan. Jason and Ron both took time out of their very busy schedules to show us their own personal homes so that we may see various design elements. Our superintendent Drew was attentive to our needs and concerns.  At times, he would call with ideas or suggestions on design elements that needed to be altered.  Each contractor they use was fabulous to collaborate with, from Lars at Northwood Cabinets, Akyla at Macadam, Sherrie at Globe Lighting, and the list goes on.  It feels like you have your own personal designers along the entire process. With all custom building do expect minor hiccups during the process but with Cascade West through proper communication there was always a satisfactory solution.  Cascade West did a wonderful job bringing our vision to life. To have a gorgeous quality built custom home in 6 months is seriously nothing short of AMAZING!!

Brook & Bruce Trang

“We love our new home. Our experience with Cascade West was top notch. Ron our designer did an amazing job drafting our home with many unique features, while helping us realize the most for our money spent."

Connie & Jeff Brown

“I met with Cascade West 10 years ago and knew - when I was ready to build, they were the company I wanted to use. They were amazing to work with and helped me customize my house exactly as I had dreamed for. Quality of work is exceptional! Thank you so much!”

Rami & Hana Khayata

Your work is of the highest standards. (...) I can tell as soon as I enter one of your homes who the builder is. You have built, and earned a well-deserved, top notch reputation. 👏

Angel Speer

“Building a custom home is not an easy task, it requires huge commitment and investment. However, if you decided to build your dream home then Cascade West should be your choice. We love our new home and we would build with Cascade West again!”

Roger Young

"We’re happy we chose Cascade West to build our home and had a fantastic experience. Ken is amazing, he’s so easy to work with; Jason, Darla and Janet are the absolute best, we had so much fun interacting with them! We couldn’t imagine building our home with anyone else, Cascade West is the absolute best. Thank you!

Larry & Paula Hamilton

“We truly started from scratch with our home and picked every single detail out. The pricing/allowances were straightforward and customized to our style and wants based on conversations with Ron. It was easy for us to follow whether we had overages and where we were at with total cost as we attempted to stay on budget.”

Laura & Ryan E.

I learned about Cascade West through Ron Wagner while working at an open house event. He took 3 hours out of his day, which was a birthday, to show us Ridgefield. I wanted to build with Cascade West because after researching other builders in the area we felt we had met the best one already and it was meant to be to have Ron and Cascade West build our dream home. The difference with Cascade West is the attention to detail and the perfection of the transitional NW style home.

Tim & Tiffany LuMaye

“We love our new house! We moved in about 3 months ago and couldn’t be happier. Our last house was a Cascade West model, but this was our first custom build. There is so much involved in the building process, but what’s great is that CW allows you to have as much input into what you want. It depends on your budget, but they can lay out the pricing and options for you way in advance.”

Aaron Rodenhurst

“We love our new home. We moved in about 6 months ago and feel like we have to pinch ourselves because we can't believe this beautiful home is ours.”

Laura & Ryan E.

“Ron helped us with initial floor plan design and layout based on the lot dimensions to achieve the best view. Loren (project manager) helped drive the project from beginning to finish, very patient and supportive during every phase of the construction. He is always on top of issues and drives the subs to complete the work to our satisfaction.”

Roger Young

One good thing about Cascade West was that when it came to customizing our house, they never told us "No You Can't".

Zach & Christina D

“We recently bought a custom home from CWD in Camas, Summit Terrace, and we're very happy with the result of the home and the overall process. I like the quality built constructions, and also the flexibility in all in upgrades. :) It's all wood, quality and no short cut.”

Tony N.

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