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Thanksgiving Holiday

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Giving thanks for a year full of fun and growth!

The team at Cascade West Development enjoyed a hearty Thanksgiving feast complete with all the fixin’s!

We’re a company that knows what matters — family.

It’s times like these that we’re all #thankful for. Lloyd and Brent (President and Vice President respectively) are kind enough to allot time during our busy week for us to come together and give thanks for the bounty we’ve received and the lessons we’ve learned this past year.


Our resident carvers got to work on everybody’s favorite foods, ham (Konrad), Turkey (Jason) and Pumpkin Pie (Adrienne). After the hard work was done and grace was said it was time to dig in! #Yum

Our most skilled culinary experts put our Whirlpool appliances to the test! It’s a thing of beauty when your office has a fully stocked kitchen, pantry and all the stainless steel appliances to make a five star chef blush 😊! #VeryThankful

Some of us had to bide the time while our plates were prepared for us.

The rest of us were happy to help ourselves 🙂 !

Nothing could be better than taking time to reconnect with our friends and family during this busy time of year.

The harder the work the bigger the appetite, some of us finished early!

And some of us had to make sure a ‘balanced’ meal was enjoyed. 😉 AND IT WAS! …because you know, M&Ms!

Unfortunately our entire team couldn’t be here for the festivities – but we were lucky enough to get almost everyone together for this special time.

Cascade West's Team and Family Making a Funny Faces

We like to fave #FamilyFun too! So what if your face gets stuck like that?

We’re #Thankful for family and friends. We’re thankful for our great #Homeowners and for living in such a beautiful place. We’re thankful to all of you reading this now. Without you we wouldn’t be the same. #ThankYou

From our family to yours, “Happy Thanksgiving!”




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